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We are always glad to look at items brought into the store.  If you have an item of value that you no longer need, bring it in!  If it's something we are interested in, we will be happy to make you an offer for it.


If you have larger items, we can schedule a time to come to your house to look at what you have for sale.  We buy by the piece or by the truckload!


Please realize, though, that we do make a living by re-selling you item.  We are the middle man, between your item, and the new owner, and we are not buying items for ourselves.  The price we will offer you has to be in a reasonable range for us to resell it for a profit.  On some items, if you are wanting top dollar for them, it is best for you to find the final owner, who will give you more money for an item, versus coming to us, who will wait until someone looking for your item comes into the store.




Items we buy


We are always being asked what kind of items we buy from individuals.   We do not buy small household items and knick knacks.  We usually do not buy exercise equipment, but it depends on what type it is.  Occasionally we may buy collectibles or antiques, but this is on a case by case basis.  The following list is not everything, but does give a general idea of what we buy.


Appliances -

  • washers
  •  dryers
  • stoves
  • refrigerators


Furniture -

  • couches, loveseats, chairs
  • dining room tables and chairs
  • entertainment centers
  • dressers, chest of drawers


Game systems and games -

  • PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP
  • XBOX ONE,  XBOX 360
  • Wii
  • Original Nintendo
  • N64, Gamecube
  • Nintendo DS (all models)
  • Gameboys
  • Sega games


Plus some of the older and more unique game systems.  We prefer kids games over sports games.


Televisions -


We do not buy projection tvs, console tvs, tvs with wood grain cases, and tvs with turn knobs (pretty much flat screens only!)




Audio Equipment (Home and Car) -

  • Stereos
  • Some musical equipment
  • Speakers
  • CDs - we do not buy cassettes, records, or 8 tracks
  • MP3 players- Ipods, and other brands




Baby Items - We do not buy cribs, bathtubs, or infant toys

  • play systems
  • strollers
  • walkers
  • carseats - no infant 'pumpkin' seats
  • bassinets
  • toddler beds









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