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   Classes and Auctions
We are eBay fanatics!  If you have ever been in our store and seen someone on the computer, we are usually listing things on eBay!  
Many, many items that you will NEVER see in our physical store, are listed as eBay auctions, and are in our virtual eBay store. 
Take your time and browse around.  The item you didn't see in Paris, may be listed for the world to see on eBay! 
Do you think you would like to learn to sell or buy on eBay?  Mary Ann is an Education Specialist Trained by eBay! 
She has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, and also taught in the Computer Technology program
at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College!
The basics of eBay class teaches how to put items on eBay, bid on auctions, sell items, and everything inbetween! 
Email us, or stop in the store for the next class schedule! 
Lots of information in a smaller setting for beginning eBayers!
When on eBay, our eBay ID is vintage_memorabilia, and our eBay store is Paris-Resale-Shop.  Just click on the link below (the big word EBAY), and it will show you everything.

Consignment Auctions
Occasionally, we will do auctions for others also.  It does depend on what the item is.  We will look the item up an eBay, and see if there are any similar items selling and what price they are bringing.  If the current rate is good for the seller, we will then do all of the work to sell the item on eBay for them.
The seller is responsible for all fees (the listing fee, the ending fee, and the paypal fee)  and we also charge a small percentage off the top for the service of selling the item.  We are very competitive, and are much cheaper than similar services offered in Terre Haute.
We have sold a drag car, a Harley side car, two passenger cars, collectibles, and many, many other items successfully for others!  We do everything!  Take the pictures, list the auction, answer questions, and ship the item or arrange for pick up.
What we would need from the seller, is the item (of course!)  and a description of everything about it.  The good and the bad.  It is our experience, that the more the seller tells about the item, the better the sale goes.  No one wants a surprised buyer the day they come to pick new merchandise up!
eBay Purchases for customers
Sometimes a customer wants an unusual item, a rare video game, or just something hard to find.  If we can find the item on eBay for the customer.  We are happy to bid and purchase the item for our customers.  In this way, they can have the benefits from the internet, without actually needing to do the work themselves.  We charge a flat fee of only $5.00 over the total cost of the auction item for this service. 
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