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Another service that we provide to the community is that we do clean out jobs.   What we mean, is that we will enter a home, and clean everything out for you.  We may not need all of the items for our store, but we will take everything, keep what we may want, and dispose of everything else for you.  This includes all trash, debris, garbage, broken items, and any usuable items we may find. 


This service is used quite frequently by realtors and rental home owners, who find someone has moved out, and left items (or just a mess!) behind.  They cannot rent or sell the home in the condition that it is, so that is where we step in.  We will discuss the needs for the home, and do whatever it takes to get it ready for you.


Another way in which this service is utilized is by children with older parents who are moving into a retirement home, or a nursing home.  They need to downsize their parents belongings, but do not want or need the items themselves, nor do they have the time to find a way to sell everything.  Usually everything needs to be removed as soon as possible.  Again, we step in, discuss what needs to be done, and take care of it for the children.   This also works when a loved one passes away.  Unfortunately, there are always good usuable items, plus a lot of stuff, left that noone else wants.  We work with the families so that they can go back to their homes knowing they have the estate settled.


We do charge a fee for this service, which depends on what needs to be accomplished.  It also depends on if there are any useable items we can resell in our shop,  and the state of those items.  Also,  if it is just a debris clean out, where not many items are still ready to serve a usuable function to someone else.

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