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We are an authorized Pay station


You can pay your bills, almost any bill, at our shop!   Our two main bills are Verizon - the home phone, and Ameren CIPS.  We accept cash or checks for these payments.  The Verizon bill will post to your account that day, as we are an authorized Verizon pay station.  With CIPS, we are also an authorized pay station, and it should also post within 24 hours. You will received a receipt with a receipt number, and you can call both Verizon and CIPS with that number.  They will know immediately that you have paid.


Other major bills that we accept have to be paid in cash only.  These include Verizon Wireless, Direct TV, Dish Network, Mastercard and Visa credit cards, JCPenneys, Geico, State Farm, Nextel and Sprint.  There are many other bills that we also take, just ask!



To use our service, there is a low $1.00 charge for Verizon home phone and CIPS.  Of that dollar, we only receive .50.  We do not do it for the money, we do it because it is a service that needed to be provided in town!   As such, we appreciate you browsing around while in our shop.  You never know when you will find something that you may need, or something that you could recommend to a friend!


Verizon Wireless has a $3.00 charge, and most other bills have a $1.50 charge.

What is needed?
To pay your bill at the shop, you need the small tear off portion of your bill.  This is the piece that would normally be mailed.  On it, please write the amount you are paying.
If you do not have your bill section, you will need your account number.  We will furnish you a statement to fill out, but we have no way of looking up your account number.  Unfortunately, we only have one business line, so if you don't know the account number, you will need to call the company to get it before stopping into the shop.
Finally there is the service charge.  Usually $1.00 - $1.50, it can be several dollars more for a few select bills.  You may want to make sure you have extra the first time paying a bill.  This can be either cash or change, but not a check, and CANNOT be written into the bill payment check.
That's it!

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