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I have a BS in Computer Science, with a Minor in Business Administration.  I graduated fom Indiana State University many years ago.   After working for many years in the corporate world, I decided that I no longer wanted to work 9-5 and dress up to go to work every morning.  When I decided to quit, I was given the unique opportunity to work from home for the University.  We then continued to have our steady salary to depend on, but I could stay at the shop every day and work for ISU  This continued until after the birth of our youngest son, Dustin, who was born in 2001.  When he was a year old, I finally totally quit working for the University.


Scott had worked for many years for his father, and in the beginning continued to work full time, until our shop was just too much for me to handle by myself, so he quit and we jumped into this together!  He had "wheeled and dealed" most of his life, so the shop was just an extension of things he had always done.


We now work together, every day!  I wouldn't have it any other way!  We have the opportunity to be together, be with our children, have our kids at work with us, and do something we love.  


I have heard the old saying "Do what you love and the money will follow".  It has taken a while for the money, but we still get to do what we love!


Company history

We have been in business since September 1998. 

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