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We are a family owned business, that started small, and keeps expanding! 


We started, as many small businesses do, by selling used appliances from our garage.  Over the years, we have moved three times,  each time expanding and growing.  As such, we are no longer 'just' a resale shop.  We have many brand new items,  plus our used items that our customers have come to expect!


We have also expanded into internet commerce, now selling to the world, instead of just our little corner of it in Paris, Illinois!


Please browse through our listings.  We have exceptional used appliances, used furniture, game systems, collectibles and small items.  In addition, we have brand new mattresses, new furniture, new body jewelry,  new housewares and gift items, and new tools.   Whenever a good deal comes along, we try to grab it and go, so we never know what will appear next, either in our physical store, or on the internet!


We personally inspect all of our merchandise

  We only care good quality,  personally inspected goods.  Our appliances have been thoroughly tested before they ever appear on our showroom floor.  Our furniture is clean, and our game systems work!   We actually play our televisions, and watch movies with our DVD players and VCRS.  We are happy to plug anything in and show you that it works BEFORE it ever leaves our store.  In that way, we both know it's in great working condition!


We value our customers and want to keep them coming back

Our shop and our internet business is just that, OUR business.  We do not have corporate sponsors or a big bankroll behind us.  We are a 'mom and pop' family business, and strive to stand behind our products and our service.  If something isn't right, we will work to make it right.  If we do a good job, we appreciate the repeat business and the word of mouth advertising our customers give to others!


Contact Information:


Scott and Mary Ann Creech, owners


210 E. Jasper St.
Paris, IL 61944


Monday - Friday 10 - 6 ;  Saturday 10 - 4





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